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Standard Operating Procedures 

Keyword Optimization by Tutors

  1. Overview
  2. Goals
  3. Question source
  4. Answers guide
  5. Detail of the answer 
  6. Example 
  7. Payment
  8. Whom to Contact

Here is the list of the tutorial 


Keyword Optimization is a process to obtain the highest rank on Google Search Index by delivering strong academically written answers on Brainly


  1. Delivering high-quality content on Brainly
  2. Helping students to learn and study
  3. Help Brainly strengthen its visibility on Google search  index

Question Source

You will be given a worksheet with a list of questions and keywords to use. You will not be paid for answers outside of the list given.

Answer Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to compose an answer with our guidelines;

  • Step 1. Please watch this video guide on this link as a brief;
  • Step 2. Compose the main paragraph

What is the main Paragraph? The main paragraph consists of the straight-forward answer to the questions followed by a brief explanation, using the given keyword. Example; 

Question: What is the capital city of Indonesia?

Keywords: the capital city of Indonesia, the business center of Indonesia, population of Jakarta

Straight-forward Answer: The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta.

After the opening sentence, make 4 more sentences to form a 5-sentence paragraph with additional information. Example;

“The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. As a capital city, Jakarta functions as the center of government administration as well as the business center of Indonesia. Jakarta has more than ten million inhabitants, making it the world's 17th most populated city. The population of Jakarta is rapidly growing. Jakarta is situated on Java island.”

  • Step 3. Following the main paragraph, use this answer template

Further explanation (in subheading size)

[Write here the further explanation of the topic, use numbered list/bullet points to format the answer accordingly]


Learn more (in subheading size)

  1. Learn more about [topic A] https:// (internal link, other Brainly links that correlate to the topic)
  2. Learn more about [topic B] https:// (internal link, other Brainly links that correlates to the topic)
  3. Learn more about [topic C] https:// (internal link, other Brainly links that correlates to the topic)

Keywords: [write here relevant keywords to the topic, separated by commas]

Examples of Brainly answers;

  1. (answer by Dimassatriani)
  2. (answer by Johanrusli)
  3. (answer by Dimassatriani)

Content Guidelines

  • No Copy-pasting. Your answer should be original, without copying from other online sources. Any plagiarism work will not be taken into account.
  • Correct use of grammar and spellings. All answers must be grammatically correct, you may use grammar and spell check apps such as Grammarly (free to download as a Chrome extension).
  • Use latex for mathematical calculations. Always use latex for formulas and calculations found on math/physics/chemistry questions, or any explanation on other subjects with calculations. Video guide on how to use latex 
  • Bullet points and Numbered List. Always use bullet points and/or numbered list whenever applicable
  • Image attachment should be educational. You are allowed to attach an image as long as it is educational i.e a diagram, a picture of a map, historical figures, explanation table, and graphs, etc.

Important Rules 

  • Answer only on questions with answering box. When a question already has two answers, the answering box will disappear. You may skip these questions and mark it under ‘Note’ section of your worksheet as ‘No answer box’

Worksheet elements (Logbook)

  • Number [Column B]: Is the sequence of your work
  • Source [Column C]: This is the source of your question, inside there also link to the source. When you answer one item from this source, please first prioritize the question that has only one answer. Therefore you do not need to delete the existing answers there.
  • Words [Column D]: Is the word count.
  • Week [Column E]: This based on the bonus system, for example, this week, 5th July 2019, is week 17th in a year. So if you start from next week, you can write it week 18. If you answer more than 50 questions in a week, you will have 15 dollar bonuses.
  • Link [Column F]: Is the link of content that you work on
  • Cost [Column G]: Is the cost of every that of your work, if you fulfill all the components, you can get 1,5 USD top.
  • Approved [Column H]: I will fill this column, either the content is approved or not.
  • Date [Column I]: Please notify the date where you work on the task.
  • Subject [Column J]: This is the subject of the course.

Payment method

  • All payments will be made through Upwork will be fixed-price, on a milestone basis
  • You are allowed to submit more than one milestone in one week.
  • Any bonus will be given separately through Upwork’s bonus feature (not included in milestone calculations)
  • Milestone approval will take 1-3 business days. In the meantime, you are allowed to keep answering unless stated otherwise.

Contact information

  • If you have any questions regarding answering, you may contact Dimas (Market Manager at Brainly) at [email protected]
  • If you have any questions regarding onboarding and hiring, you may contact Sahl (Coordinator) at [email protected]
  • If you have any questions regarding payments and Upwork, you may contact Tysha (Content Operations Manager at Brainly) at [email protected]

Together we go far!

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