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Standard Operating Procedures 

!Quick! Answering Project


Quick Answering Project is a project to answer students’ answers in a fast way to deliver the better user experience. 


  1. Deliver great answers to users in a short amount of time since they posted the question
  2. Making sure the questions will not be deleted by the system due to being left unanswered for 14 days
  3. Help Brainly’s visibility on Google search index

Question Source

You can answer questions on this link, the list of questions is updated daily;

  1. Updated based on your project 

Answering Guide

This is the template for Quick Answering project;

(basically, it is the current template that is shown automatically when you click the answer box, you just have to add internal link part at the bottom of the answer and add hashtag #LearnWithBrainly)

Answer elements;

  • First paragraph / first line; consists of the Main Paragraph. How to construct the Main Paragraph;

What is the main Paragraph? The main paragraph consists of the straight-forward answer to the questions followed by a brief explanation, using the given keyword. Example; 

Question: What is the capital city of Indonesia?

Keywords: the capital city of Indonesia, the business center of Indonesia, population of Jakarta

Straight-forward Answer: The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta.

After the opening sentence, make 4 more sentences to form a 5-sentence paragraph with additional information. Example;

The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. As a capital city, Jakarta functions as the center of government administration as well as the business center of Indonesia. Jakarta has more than ten million inhabitants, making it the world's 17th most populated city. The population of Jakarta is rapidly growing. Jakarta is situated on Java island.

Check why the first line of the first sentence is mattered a lot. [video explanation]

  • Step-by-Step Explanation; consists of 1 paragraph of further explanation; consists of 3-5 sentences. It will be great also to use a button or numbering list. For math equation please consider using latex. On how to use latex. Feel free to check this tutorial [video explanation]

  • Internal link; use this text template ->
  • Learn more about the topic of xx on

“xx” to be changed to topic came and provide another Brainly question link that fits into the topic.

To help you in finding the proper internal link, we have prepared the list of internal links based on the subject. The list will be updated from time to time. The most important right now is the link should come from the same subject. In the future, the internal link could be more specific from the same sub-topic. 

The purpose of the internal link is to increase page retention. As it already proved that having an internal link will increase 

  • Page / session
  • The time duration of the user on the site 
  • Reduce the bounce rate 

The purpose of the internal link is to increase the page retention per session 

As it’s shown in the figure below 

The list of internal link for US project can be accessed from here:

Answer Examples;

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