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Learning econometrics can be challenging. And to understand all the concept behind econometrics also need tons of hours for reading and practicing. The second words - practicing - needs a tools to master it. By having great understanding about how to learn econometrics with real data will be a real help. And to get this point, I will put a note about what to understand in Econometrics by using Stata. 

So here is the menu of our learning path in Stata

The explanation also will include a theory description.  

1. Introducing Stata 
2. Simple Linear Regression 
3. Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing 
4. Prediction, Goodness of Fit and Modeling Issues 
5. Multiple Linear Regression 
6. Further Inference in the Multiple Regression Model 
7. Using Indicator Variables 
8. Heteroskedasticity 
9. Regression with Time-Series Data: Stationary Variables 
10. Random Regressors and Moment Based Estimation 
11. Simultaneous Equations Models 
12. Regression with Time-Series Data: Nonstationary Variables 
13. Vector Error Correction and Vector Autoregressive Models 
14. Time-Varying Volatility and ARCH Models 
15. Panel Data Models 
16. Qualitative and Limited Dependent Variable Models 
A. Review of Math Essentials 
B. Review of Probability Concepts 
C. Review of Statistical Inference 
D. Review of panel cointegration 

Not all the materials in the lecture is available. I also have a cheat sheet about how to use Stata for the advance level users. 

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