How to prepare panel data in STATA.

Thanks for stopping by here. If you want to follow step by step in how to prepare panel data in STATA. Please follow the command below.

Before we start, a couple of things that you have to do are 

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  1. Prepare the list of group of your sample, it can be a country, company, whatever. 
  2. Prepare the list of time, it has to be repetitive, could be a month in a year, could be year specifically. 
  3. And then make sure if you create it in a good structure. 
  4. If you need any info or video on how to create it. Feel free to write in the comment below. 

// To re group into numeric the variable parameter

egen (proposed variable) = group(the existing variable as a parameter) 

in this example

egen countrynum = group(A) 

// To check whether the data is fit with the

countrynum list A 
countrynum in 1/10, sepby (A) 

// To prepare based on the group of parameter

xtset (variable of group) 
xtset countrynum 

// To set the group yearly

xtset countrynum (the yearly variable), yearly xtset countrynum B, yearly 

// to regress this panel data

xtreg (dependent variable) (independet variable and the rest)

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How to prepare panel data in stata

If you need the data to practice as same as in the video. Feel free to use it here Memo on Google Android 9.0

The research related to this Stata data also has been published in a Journal here Memo on Google Android 9.0. Don't forget to cite our name there.

The Pdf of the guidance can be downloaded here Memo on Google Android 9.0

Hope this article helps. 

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