Who doesn't know Peter McKinnon! 

Perhaps he is one of the most YouTubers nowadays. However, he started his career as a photographer. His youtube at this moment, October 2019, already reach 4.3 million views. And here is his 7 tips to start a youtube channel. And he wished that he knew it before. 

7 tips from Peter Mckinnon that he wished knew before

  1. Don't upset over the number. But do something that makes you happy. don't look at everything at a granular level. Do something that makes you happy. 
  2. Doing it for the right reason. Most of the people do not. Not everyone wants to be an influencer. He started not to try to make a living on youtube. Put your art first and message first. 
  3. Think to have massive setup 
    1. People tend to think of complete gear. Even he mentioned that everyone needs a youtube pillow. Bit a few people basically improving. People even not start because you are compulsory to just buy the product and even not making a video. The video that was started. It's true.  
    2. Many people even start in the spare room/
    3. It expands more and more. 
    4. You need something to record your 
    5. It is true that I even not
    6. For him, it takes every single week video making to reach 4 years until its happening now. 
  4. Title and thumbnail are very important. With the landscape. If both are not high caliber. It will be like everyone's statement. Sometimes you do title and thumbnail for the creation. Plan it well. 
  5. Don’t ask for shout out or collabs, 
  6. You need good light and a good video. Without these two hard to be notified. 
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